Data Management

Publishing your product information can seem a daunting task, but let us manage your data to enable you to support your sales initiatives in the leading cataloguing systems and your own web, mobile or paper catalogues.

Model Data Mapping

Map clients source Model data to ProTrack Data’s own MMI (Make, Model, Index), which has links to TecDoc, ACES, MAM etc, using the latest mapping software we are able to create an accurate and comprehensive link between model data sets.

Data Analysis

To support product marketing teams with concise, accurate reporting using parc analysis and product OE numbers if required, in the form of gaps and range analysis reports.

Data Exports

We can prepare your data for integration into the latest technologies such as iPhone/Android apps, iPad/tablets, touch screens, SMS, and mobile internet services.

We are specialists in the preparation of data for TecDoc, whether you are thinking of becoming a TecDoc data supplier or are already one, we can manage the process of merging your existing data and creating a data export in the TecDoc format.

We can also manage data extracts for most external catalogue systems such as MAM, Activant, Kuhne, Aldoc and ETAI etc.

On-going Data Management

We are also able to manage your data on an on-going basis, this could entail product data such as new product development (NPD), product images, gaps and range analysis and many other reporting features.

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